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Barbeam Kitchen Concept

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Why is the hob unit in the Illustration at an angle? Does it have to be?


A   The 45degree hob unit is a concept allowing full access from two sides, but standard conventionally set hob units are also available.


Q2 What are the triangular hinged plates either side of the 45 degree hob What are they for?


A   They provide two alternative positions for hot pans/pots away from the hob.


Q3 How is electrical power distributed?


A   Via the service module and connection to the mains supply. Power outlets can be provided above and below the worktops subject to the regulations.


Q4 How is water and waste distributed?


A   Water and waste pipework can be accommodated in the service module and can exit at any point to connect to the main service, or from the service module to sinks etc. mounted in the worktop or supported from the beam


Q5 How and when will the service module be configured?


A   At works before delivery to site from detailed client/consultant briefing


Q6 Could the kitchen it be installed or relocated abroad?


A   It will depend on where in the world and be subject to governing local services/regulations

Q12 Are there other images available for the glass screen?
  A   Yes there are from a standard selection, or your own image could be used



Q7 Do you have examples of other layouts? Can you design a layout for me


A   Yes, we have examples showing ‘L’, ‘U’, and ‘T’ plans, with single and double side worktop layouts. We are able to design a specific layout to suit your requirements after obtaining a detailed brief from you


Q8 Will you supply appliances with the system layouts


A   Yes, we will be able to supply appliances to customers’ requirements


Q9 How will appliances such as fridges, ovens, and dishwashers be integrated with the system


A   Freestanding fridges and dishwashers can be positioned below the cantilevered worktops, or ‘built in/built under’ appliances can be used located in purpose-made cabinets, again sitting below the worktops


Q10 Can worktops be set at different heights?


A   Yes, worktops can be height adjustable on the beam, and the beam itself can be adjusted in height between leg supports.


Q11 Will storage units be available to mount above the worktop


A   Cabinets/shelves on support posts can be mounted on the top of the beam